I think its time to revisit this blog again.

So much has happened in the six years I’ve ignored this blog, but where do I start?

First, I got married, so that’s cool. Star Wars has been bought by Disney and seen a resurgence thanks to the new movies. Rogue One was a flawed, but awesome movie, BTW.

This April will mark my eighth anniversary in the 501st. I’ve been able to see and do so much since then, I’ve made a lot of new friends and unfortunately lost many of them along the way as well. I’ve been active in the Rebel Legion in the past and even held several different officer positions there, but I’ve lost my taste for that club over the years. Like any social structure, these clubs have their highs and lows, their pros and cons. Unfortunately, some times the cons run wild…

In the intervening years between posts, I’ve added several costumes to my collection. Wedge Antilles ROTJ X-Wing Pilot, Wedge Antilles Snowspeeder Pilot, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and Clone Commander Colt.

I also have a few new ones in progress, currently the “trifecta” as I call it. TIE-Pilot, Off-Duty TIE Pilot, and Imperial Bridge Crew. These are the trifecta because if you’re making a TIE pilot, with the addition of a black officer’s hat, you can add two more costumes to your profile, the Off duty and the Crewman, which are almost identical costumes themselves.

I am also, very slowly, working on a new Stormtrooper kit from Anovos. The Anovos kit was too good of a deal, and it’s just time to upgrade my old FX kit to a better, more accurate set. But, to do so, I really need to lose some weight, particularly my spare tire…