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Tip of the Day – How To Remove Devcon Plastic Weld

This tip will only work if you want to completely remove Devcon Plastic Weld from an armor part, say as if you had catastrophic failure in gluing your shins…)

If you don’t mind removing all the glue from the piece you can throw it in the freezer for a few hours. After that flex it a little and the glue should pop off with a little effort.

Be careful, as I haven’t tested this myself and remember the cold can make your ABS armor fragile.

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Tips – Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Rock!

After reading up on the FISD about what kind of cleaner that is safe to use on the ABS plastic the armor is made out of, I found a bunch of recommendations for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

I needed to clean off newsprint smudges and some tape residue, so I popped by Target and ended up getting the Target brand version because it was $1.99 on sale for a four pack which was cheaper than the 2 pack of Mr. Clean. (Make sure you get the regular sponges and not the other heavier duty ones.)

Anyways, I have to say, this thing totally worked. It cleaned everything off the armor with little work, just make sure you have a towel to dry off the pieces after you’re done.

I wholly recommend getting these and its probably a god idea to keep one in your repair kit once you’re ready for full time trooping.