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Playing Catch Up: Part one: TrekFest 25 Riverside, Iowa 6/27

I’ve been busy with work and getting ready for San Diego Comic Con, that I’ve neglected my blogging duties. Let me correct that now.

Friday night June 26th, my very good friend and future Legion member Carrie accompanied me on my first foray into another garrison’s territory to participate in a historic event, the induction of legendary Star Trek actor George Takei into the legion for his voice work as Lok Durd on Clone Wars. George would be the first major Star Trek actor to make the cross over and the first in the legion. Needless to say, when I was invited by my friend, Chris Andrews, CO of Central Garrison, I jumped at the chance.

The trip to Riverside, Iowa, “Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk” as they like to call themselves was a little over three hours. We stayed outside town due to the fact we had to be in town very early in the morning to participate in the parade.

Carrie and I arrived, early to Riverside to check the town out, which took all of five minutes. Riverside is the epitome of a small country town. Once we met up with the Central Troopers and Rebels, we got dressed, formed up and everybody sported Star Trek Emblem stickers on their gear as a show of solidarity.

We marched the very short parade and then headed towards the stage for George Takei’s induction before the Trek Fest costume contest. While we waited we had many pictures taken of and with us, and everyone except a couple grump Klingons (and really are there any other kind?) loved us. We filed onto the stage and Chris was given the opportunity to personally induct George Takei into the legion and George couldn’t have been more gracious. We also provided the three Star Trek actors, George, Nichelle Nichols, and Walter Koeing with wine from a local winery (well, its the thought that counts, right?)

Next we appropriated our table at the fest and set up shop answering questions about the club and posing for many more shots. Once we all started pooping out and traffic started slowing down, the rest of us that were still in gear cleared out and we headed out to the Iowa City Mall for dinner at Old Country Buffet.

Personally, I cannot say how much fun we had. Carrie is hooked on trooping and I thoroughly enjoyed the friendliness and camaraderie of Centrals people, and I hope be able to make it out at least once a year to see these people.

Oh and I got my picture in the Cedar Rapids Gazette to boot.

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