So, its 2010. But you should know that by now.

Its time for a new direction. I will continue to post here about my adventures with the 501st Legion and now Rebel Legion as I am also now a card carrying Rebel and member of the RL’s Nar Shaddaa Base. I’ve put together a Rebel pilot on the way to becoming Wedge Antilles mostly based upon his appearance in Return of the Jedi. I’m also XO of our base’s Squadron, the Outlaws.

In addition to that, you’ll start seeing me posting about a wide range of Star Wars things and topics. Collecting, EU, whatever.

So onto the updates:

Wedge Costume:

I haven’t put too much into the build process since I really didn’t build much of anything for this myself. Everything has been either bought built, or I had help through my good friends and Outlaw Squadron mates, Crix and Phyllis. Crix built my code cylinders and Phylis helped me out with modding my Costumebase flightsuit and flack vest.

I have just received my helmet kit so soon I will be doing a build of that. I have a SWEET Han ESB DL-44 that I bought on Ebay so soon I’ll be showing that off as soon as I get it and I’m working on obtaining a belt (Luke ESB).

My goal for this year is to finish my Wedge and HOPEFULLY get a snowspeeder jacket and my dream is a orange jacket based on Wedge’s appearance in X-Wing Rouge Squadron: Phantom Affair.

Stormtrooper Costume:

Well I think I’ll be getting rid of my Kev ANH2.5 helmet, I was able to get in on a discounted run of AP helmets which are White ABS so it should match my costume pretty well compared to how the painted helmet would have been when I’m done. We’ll see how that AP fits me when its done, but I think it will end up being better than the ANH2.5.

Celebration V:

Well come hell or high water, I WANT to go. I feel that its something I NEED to do. So hopefully I’ll see you in Orlando.