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Well my resin Hasbro Stormtrooper Blaster Rifle mod kit came yesterday and boy is it detailed. I had a little time to kill before going to see Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls last night so I figured I’d kill it by test fitting the kit parts to the blaster and do some clean up on the blaster and kit parts.

The kit parts are very nice, but they are imperfect. If you look closely, there are noticeable seam “flange”, air bubbles, bumps, gook in cracks, etc. After test fitting everything I sanded down what I could find, or scraped out what I could with the Xacto knife. I also used the grinding bit on the Dremel a little as well to get into some smaller places.

After that, I cleaned up the gun itself. I cleaned the dirt and grime off the blaster with a cleaning wipe and went to work on removing the Imperial logo stickers from the blaster. First I scraped of lightly as much of the sticker as I could with my finger nail and used the Xacto lightly for the rest. I used lighter fluid on a paper towel to easily rub off the left over residue from the sticker glue.

After that, I sanded down some of the areas where the two halves of the blaster meet and are not smooth. I will very likely Bondo over the seems (and screw holes) on the blaster in the end, but this was mostly just a precaution.

Next I went to work on taking apart the blaster to move the red light from the nozzle where the two halves of the blaster body clamp the wires in place since those wires would be in the way of where I would be cutting the nozzle off and likely be damaged.

Unfortunately not only is the blaster screwed together it is held in place by three circle caps that are glued in place. The orange nozzle, and the two ends of the scope. Since the orange cap was the most prevalent of the problem and it was going to go anyways, I just cut it off with the cutting disc attachment on a low speed (between 2-4)of the Dremel tool. Before doing so, I removed the batteries to be cautious.

Once that was cut off, I was able to move the wires and tuck them out of the way. After rescrewing the blaster together and replacing the batteries to make sure it still works., I cut the rest of the nozzle structure off the blaster and sanded the area down and cut out any flange with with the Xacto.

Next I went to work on cutting off the rails on the blaster. These will eventually be replaced with accurate rubber t-tracks supplied by a member of the FISD forums which I hope to receive in the next week. There are five in total, two on each side and one on the top that will need to be removed. I had time to remove three of them and sand down the area. You have to be careful that you cut these on a angle with the Dremel so that the disc is parallel to the edge of the blaster barrel or you can very easily cut through the barrel as well.

Also know that when cutting through the blaster like this, it creates a LOT of plastic dust. I recommend wearing safety goggles and a face mask would likely be a good idea too. I was sneezing up a storm last night after working and I’m willing to bet thats the reason why.

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