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Tip of the Day – How To Remove Devcon Plastic Weld

This tip will only work if you want to completely remove Devcon Plastic Weld from an armor part, say as if you had catastrophic failure in gluing your shins…)

If you don’t mind removing all the glue from the piece you can throw it in the freezer for a few hours. After that flex it a little and the glue should pop off with a little effort.

Be careful, as I haven’t tested this myself and remember the cold can make your ABS armor fragile.

Armor Work, Painting

Progress Report 6/10/08

I was able to get a few hours in on the TK armor on Sunday afternoon at least until I got sick of being soggy from the humidity. YUCK!

I sanded down the two halves of the 02 tank and painted it with another coat of gray. This will be the last coat regardless and will move onto trimming the halves and assembling the tube.

I was also able to assemble the two halves of the bicep armor with little difficulty, although I did have to attempt to reshape the inner halves of the biceps as they are misshaped and don’t line up to the outer half well.

To fix that, i brought down my hair dryer to heat up the piece to reshape it. Let me tell you, this method sucks. Its time consuming and generally just doesn’t seem to work, even after spending five minutes warming up the area.

On the left bicep, I was able to heat it up and let the glue hold the warped area in place, but the right one, I had to warm it up, Velcro it together and then hold it in the clamp. This hasn’t worked too well so far but I’ve found that leaving the pieces clamped for a few days is helping fix the warped area.

I also tried my hand at the first shin piece and had a catastrophic failure with gluing. I was unable to keep the middle part of seam to glue together even with holding by hand. Luckily I was able to tear the two halves apart with very minimal damage. I am now going to have to work on sanding off as much of the glue residue as possible and retry.

I have seen some good talk about computer hard drive magnets being used to hold the middle together where it can’t be clamped. Thankfully, I have several old computers at work, waiting to be recycled so I pulled the hard drives apart yesterday and will try again.