In less that a week (man that’s a crazy thought when you’ve been planning a trip for over a year), I’ll be in San Diego, or well next Tuesday I’ll likely be at Disneyland, but I digress…

I am finally making the trip to nerd mecca aka San Diego Comic Con, something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

I can’t wait to finally see what I’ve only heard and seen through other people and news forms, and I’m wasting no opportunity that I can.

I’ve signed up for the SW Fan Club Breakfast, I’ve signed up for the Legion dinner, and I plan on making it out to the Preview night dinner as well. Friday I will probably not leave the Star Wars Pavillion to even pee if I can help it, there looks to be some BIG happenings going on and I plan to be part of it.

I’ll give my SW predictions later this week.