Every year a large portion of the Midwest Garrison gets together for one of our two “big” yearly troops, this one being the annual Bartlett, IL Fourth of July Parade we like to call the Tatooine Death March due to its length and the fact that its usually hot as the desert planet its named after. Thankfully, this year it was rather cooler than usual.

It was a fun time, that was had by all. I was able to meet many garrison members I’ve never met but spoken with on the forums and spend time with local members and meet their families and significant others.

Unfortunately the parade itself was a disaster for me. Right as the parade started really going, my thigh strap failed and we were not able to get it field fixed so I had to ride in the back of Phyllis’ jeep. Ok so maybe that wasn’t a total disaster since I didn’t have to march the whole parade, but unfortunately Stormtrooper armor is not designed for sitting and I ended up doing more damage to my suit than I’d like, not to mention the near zero headroom in the back with my helmet on was a pain all on its own.

Thankfully, everyone was helpful and awesome as I’ve come to expect, and we made it through the parade more or less in one piece.

The BBQ was a blast, the food was great, and I went home one full and tired trooper. Can’t wait till next year but hopefully, I’ll have my Crewman ready so I can troop sans plastic, I don’t care if they call that cheating, I call that SMART.

Pictures forthcoming, there’s a lot of them.