Well, I got my armor home and got right into unboxing (well right after I slipped into something more comfortable). As you can see in the pictures, everything is there, but it will need some polishing when its all said and done as there are already some light scratches and blemishes which I couldn’t get to come out in pictures.

I did some test fitting as you can see, some pieces will need some trimming to get them to line up better. As typical with FX type armor, the font shin tops need some trimming, as well as the back of the right shin, back bottom of the right shin, and the ends on one of the gauntlets.

Also the thighs will need a trim as well due to the extra length in the version two for larger thighs. I’m a little nervous about this trimming and getting the right size, as you want the armor to be lose for muscle expansion, but you also don’t want it too lose and once you’ve cut, you can’t go back. I’m going to do more research on how to size this better, but in the meantime, my plan is cut away a bit at a time until I get a good fit.

I have to admit, I am quite literally intimidated by the sheer scope of this project and the amount of work and planning that needs to go into it hit home once I had everything unboxed. But that is a good thing as it will help force me to take my time and work slowly and carefully to build this costume.

Tonight or more likely tomorrow I will go and buy the last of my tools and equipment for my project and make a final list of my tools and pictures for posterity, and mostly since nobody else has such a detailed list and that would be beneficial for others in the future. I know I really wish I could have found one instead of going piecemeal from different sources.