Friday night was my first in armor troop at the Force Among Us Chicago Premiere at the Gene Siskle Film Center. Nothing is more fun than seeing the surprise and attention that we get when people see Star Wars characters out and about in the heart of State Street.

In all I didn’t have too many problems with my armor with the new strap setup. I have one that needs a snap reglued but in all I am much happier with the fit of the arms and especially the thighs that now rest where they are supposed to be instead of too far down. Still need to come up with a better torso option though, the top still pushes out but at least it much less noticeable with the side plates. Might need to work on trying to attach the side plates to the back plate.

Also had a problem with the electronics in the helmet. I really like the new fan placement with the fans in the frown to push air through the helmet but I think it might need to be pulled and redone. The new setup leaves no room for the mic in the frown and my attempt to use it as an earpiece failed miserably. It won’t stay in place and it likes to hit the fan, much like my nose and cheek which currently sport “fan burn”. Will probably pull the fan from the right side of the helmet and try and find a different place for it.

In all it was fun and I got to see a good portion of the film. Its weird to see people you know 30 feet tall on a movie screen.

Two troops this weekend. This should get interesting.

I’ll post pics from the FAU troop soon.