Last night, I took a trip to Super Walmart to take a look at what supplies I could find and pick a few things up.

I was able to pick up three tubes of Plastic Welder, a high temp glue gun with a fine nozzle and glue sticks, and a tailor’s tape measure.

I also took a look at what Dremel tools they offer (which is not much) but they did have on display one of the newer Stylus models which feels extremely comfortable and may be what I go for. From researching, I’ve found they have a short battery life but I don’t really expect to be using a whole 2 hour battery run in one sitting. The other thing that stinks is they come with a very limited selection of tools so I will likely need to buy a tool kit for it. Gotta do more research…

Also, I bought the mod kit for the Hasbro Stormtrooper Blaster off eBay last night. $45 bones but it’ll be totally worth it when its done.