For what seems like forever, I have wanted to own my own set of Stormtrooper armor. It at least stems back to Chicago Comic Con (pretty sure this is before Wizard swooped in and ruined the con) in the summer of 98 with Sal & Dave (my classmates and future roommates in college) when we saw a booth with a set for sale for $600.

I knew then that I needed one and much like Wayne, it would be mine. Oh yes. It would be mine. Well maybe not THAT particular set of armor, but you get the point.

Fast forward through college to 2005. Its about a month before Revenge of the Sith and Celebration 3 is close so Dave and I decide to go since we can (aka adults and not poor) and its relatively close (Indianapolis aka 3.5 hour drive). Nothing was as cool as pulling up to the convention center and having Stormtroopers and Imperials of every make and model directing traffic, pedestrians, checking badges… It felt like I was six again and I loved every minute of it. It made the trip instantaneously worth it and its an experience I’ll always have with me. I learned that I had a worldwide group of Star Wars fans called the 501st legion to thank for that and I was impressed and I knew its something I would be interested in doing myself.

Ever since, its been something I’ve wanted to do in the back of my mind, I’d looked into it, checking eBay every so often but not making the jump because of money and the fact that I didn’t really know anybody into it and just being generally afraid of the enormity of building the armor (as you’ll see as this blog progresses as that is its purpose of existence). But reading and learning about the 501st and what they do and stand for, not to mention the cool things they get to do, has left me interested.

Well that would change a few months ago when I became part of the family and got to know CAndyman and JediJef, one who is a veteran 501st trooper and the other who like me was just beginning that journey at the time. The more pictures I’d see, the more I was hooked but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money,these kits are NOT cheap folks.

Then I got my “Economy Stimulus” money and I thought, so what could I do with this money?

Save it? No fun.
Pay off bills? Even less fun.
Buy something stupid? HECK YES!

So I rattled around in my head, what do I want to spend it on. Blu Ray player errr I mean PS3? Maybe but I don’t have room for it and I don’t really need one yet. DVDs are just fine and I have WAY too many of them. I could use it on computer parts, but nothing is broke ( knock on wood) and nothing NEEDS to be updated. What about Stormtrooper armor?

So last Thursday rolls around, and on the way to see the 8PM showing of Iron Man (BEST MOVIE EVAR!) I made the mistake of mentioning to Erin that I was considering buying a Stormtrooper armor kit with my free money and she totally backed me up on it that I should do it. Not only that, but she made it her mission to ask EVERYONE at the movies their opinion on it, and they all agreed.

So here I am. Victim of my own nerdiness and peer pressure. Through extensive consultation with CAndyman, I have now joined several Stormtrooper costume building communities, done countless hours of research on building said armor and related items and Stormtroopers themselves, but I have also bought a kit and a white ’96 Hasbro Stormtrooper rifle for dirt cheap that will need to be modified (yep they make a kit for that too) and painted before its ready.

I have a TON of work ahead of me and shit-ton of tools to purchase to do it all. This is a HUGE project, but that is the purpose of this here blog, to document the entire thing. I want you all to see the progress as I build this sucker and share it with me.

Let the journey begin…