Yup you read it right. It came from the UK in about four days. WAY quicker than the resin Hasbro mod kit did.

Did a test fit, it fits loose but you’d never know it from looking at it. The lining is the same satin material as the bib and its comfortable. My only two gripes are that the bib is really just too long and that straps on the bib would be better replaced with elastic and Velcro. Also the satin inside the neck is a little loose like theres too much fabric and likes to poke out the top of the neckseal. Its not too bad though and it can always been tucked back in.

I forgot my camera at work last night so I’ll have to get pictures tonight so you can see the finished product.

Also I pulled the masking off my helmet last night. The paint job on the inside came out well but the outside needs to be cleaned up. It has newspaper ink smudges all over, but that should clean up rather easily.

I hope.