Haven’t had time to update the site with the work I did on Thursday, so here it is.

Decided to do a test fit of the bucket to see how everything fits. Got everything together and I have two issues. One, the edges of the front and back need to be trimmed for a better fit. You can see in the pictures where the edges don’t fit properly and will need to be cleaned up. And two, the ear pieces have HUGE gaps where they cover the seams on the tubes. I’m researching how I want to deal with fixing that.

Next, I masked the outside of the bucket pieces. You can see in the pictures how I did that using masking tape and newspaper. Very easy. You can also see that I cut out the eyes in the masking and then taped down the eyes. This is done to seal the eyes to keep overspray from getting into the masking and onto the face of the mask.