Yup. Thats right, I had a long weekend and didn’t even TOUCH my armor. Oh well.

But I did at least get something done even if it wasn’t elbow grease related. I placed an order for one of the most awesome and screen accurate neckseals I have ever seen. Its expensive though, coming in at just under $100 shipped from the UK, but thats ok since thats something I can always use with any armor kit I get. Since these are only being offered for a limited time, I figured might as well splurge now rather than kick myself later for not getting it when I had the chance.

(Note: These are pictures from the actual seller and not my own)

Heres a picture of the actual product

And heres a screen grab of the actual ANH hero neckseal.

Items I still need to pick up:
Under Armour (since I live in the crazy weather capital of the world, I really need to get both Heat & Cold gear Under Armour sets) and trooper boots which I won’t bother with until I get closer to finishing my armor.